Web 2.0 Properties and Online Marketing

If you are trying to build attention for your website, then you should look at all of the options regarding online marketing, including web 2.0 properties as well as social media (such as Alternion) and SEO.

Web 2.0 is an interesting approach because it covers several bases. Those social, user-generated content websites are a mixture of both SEO and social media. Some Web 2.0 properties allow you to get links that are not “nofollow”, meaning that they pass link juice to you, and you can therefore benefit from the improvement to your own ranking. We advise using a Facebook fan page

There are also social benefits to web 2.0 – many of the most popular web 2.0 properties (also remember to create a public googledocs) have highly motivated, highly engaged users that are focused on a specific niche. If you can find a property that is devoted to your niche then the benefits for your brand could be astounding – not just because of the ‘link juice’ but the number of people that will see the links, and the publicity that gives for your brand. 

Web 2.0 properties are hard to break into, though. Many of them are strictly moderated by their community. They are designed to make sure that they offer the best user experience, not the best “brand owner” experience. This means that you’re going to have to be mindful of what you post. If you’re constantly promoting your site, then you’re going to get a negative response. If you’re a regular user of the community and you share good quality content, then you will benefit from that engagement. You won’t get free reign to break the rules, but people will be more receptive to the odd link or mention of your brand.

Instead of trying to do all of your marketing by yourself, look at ways to get your users involved. If your users are engaged, and eager to share content about you, then you’ll have a collection of strong brand advocates that will publish things to your web 2.0 properties for you. This is much more likely to get people interested in you than anything that you could do by yourself.

Stay away from bulk submissions. Those low quality web 2.0 properties will not help you. Online bookmarking sites, for example, were useful in the days before you could share bookmarks within your own browser, but now they’re just a collection of spammy links. You’re much better off looking at the sites that actually encourage engagement through discussion, comments and ratings.

There are quite literally hundreds of worthwhile web 2.0 properties that you can submit to, depending on the niche that you are most interested in reaching. Some sites are general discussion sites and these have their own sub-categories for people who want to share specific content. Look at them all and see what appeals to you the most, then take the time to build up a profile and talk to the users before you put on your “brand rep” hat and start pushing your own commercial interests.