The Population Coalition is a nationwide grassroots organization formed in June 1994 to promote awareness of the impacts of population pressures and overconsumption on a sustainable future. Started within local Leagues of Women Voters, it now includes thousands of people nationwide. The Coalition is led by a Board of Trustees, and is funded by foundations, supporters and subscribers. We have created a Council of Advocates for core activists from all regions of the U.S. Members are engaged in a wide variety of projects designed to educate America, promote public dialogue and build better communities.

Core Beliefs

This nationwide coalition, concerned about a sustainable future, believes that population stabilization, social justice, and environmental protection are the most significant issues facing the human race today. The earth’s ability to support life, absorb waste, and renew itself is finite. In light of this fact, nothing less than a profound reassessment of our values and lifestyles will ensure a quality existence for future generations.


Our mission is to educate Americans about the benefits of population stabilization and sustainable consumption, both at home and abroad.


We envision a world where:

  • every child is wanted, and where families are created by choice — not chance;
  • access to education, health care, and meaningful work is available to every person;
  • the great gap between rich and poor is narrowed, not widened;
  • people do not have to abandon their homeland for political, economic or environmental reasons;
  • democratic values and civil society flourish;
  • progress is based on genuine wellbeing — not increasing consumption;
  • the United States exercises the leadership and foresight necessary to ensure the prosperity, environmental health and security of our shared world;
  • sustainable human numbers exist in balance with other species, and with the environment and natural resources that sustain us all.


We support:

  • sustainable communities: social equity, economic prosperity, and ecological integrity
  • a redefinition of progress based on genuine well being, not increasing consumption
  • economic empowerment, equal rights and equal education for women
  • informed, accessible, and voluntary family planning for all
  • natural resource and energy conservation, and sustainable agriculture
  • a national conversation toward a fair and equitable United States Population Policy, based on the best available demographic data and sound science
  • policies and programs designed to stabilize population at a level sustainable for the long-term future.


The Coalition produces a quarterly news journal — the Pop!ulation Press — booklets, brochures, guides for activists and educators, and an interactive website. Coalition members organize community forums, teach college classes, lead educational outreach programs, and promote public dialogue.

Joining the Coalition

We Invite You to Join the Population Coalition — Networking for a Sustainable Future

Your contribution of $35 or more is greatly appreciated. As a supporter, you will receive the Pop!ulation Press, brochures, project information, group activity sheets, and other special mailings.

Contact the Population Coalition at the address below. Include your name, address, phone/fax, email, and any information you wish to share about your interests and activities.

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